So Nadia, the young manager, describes in 4 words her "fashion factory"

Walking through the corridors of the factory where everything is refined and coordinate, helps to understand with how much effort every article is conceived, designed, constructed, tasted and approved.

The engineering of the prototypes's programmation (almost 1000 every year) is situated in the hearth of the factory where a big white hall covered by a 10 meters high glass cupola with big crystal tables, sees all around, the samples in phase of realization, divided per "themes and colors".

Despite the austere strictness, there is a serene atmosphere between all Nadia's collaborators (which in fact she uses to call working partners) about 40 young people highly qualified, everyone concentrated in the research of the highest quality... yes... because, in fact, the centre of D.Exterior is a big controlling station of quality and coordination.

here the models which will compose the collection take their forms, while the industrial stage of production takes place in minor factories, in artigianal workshops specialized in their own manufacturing.

After each stages, the semi-manufactured, returns to D.Exterior to undergo a series of controls and tests that no one would expect in a clothing industry.

The result of this big effort is however remarkable: a relentless increase of the factory who proceeds, since some years, with a rhythm of 20% per season, exporting more than 50% of its production all over europe and in the usa. (more than 1000 shops distribute D.Exterior).

The merit...? "It is due of my fellows-traveller" says Nadia, who is not so inclined to talk about herself, referring to all her collaborators; and this lines wants to represent, as she desires, her sincerly and affectionate thankfulness...