RUCO LINE profile
RUCOLINE shoes and accessories were originated in Umbria, in the center of Italy. By applying creative approach in the traditional shoe making structure, two young entrepreneurs were able to turn the traditional product into exclusive sample which was an absolute revival for this 19th century old factory to its former glory. In 1987, a knitwear design had gained a huge success for its creativity. A history high was reached when Marco Santucci and Daniela Penchini present their products in major international trade shows, and at the same time, the brand launched in various international markets such as Paris, London and Tokyo. However, due to a major changes in the fashion trend in early 90s , a painstaking dilemma of whether to continue the shoe business or changing direction had stroke Marco and Daniela. But, the love of shoes has always been the winner, so Daniela started to makeover the shoes with new design, and there came the “R” Logo with various material combinations which once again hit the roof top.

Daniela Santucci
Hence, Daniela Santucci ‘s shoes and bags design have been evolving in the RUCOLINE philosophy ever since, liken to what she said” when I design shoes and bags, I always remember to present this core concept, and this concept does not change over time, because it represents a particular demand! This explains why we do not change the style but interpret it in different color and material in every season.”

RUCO LINE’s target market
1.Target customers:Fashionable, comfort orientated and vibrant women
3.Category:Fashionable and comfortable casual sneaker with heels, leather shoes and boots with multiple heels.
4.Retail price :RMB1,500-6,000 Major price range:RMB 1,800-3,000