Design, Quality and Utility are the three core brand values cited by HIGH’s British designer. “Modern couturier” Claire Campbell, who is recognized as a leading creative talent in contemporary clothing design.

There are three collection in High which include: HIGH USE, HIGH KNIT and HIGH TECH
“The daily wear collection HIGH USE, Knitwear collection HIGH KNIT and functional collection in HIGH TECH are presenting the high design, high utility and high quality principle of the brand.

“Today, the edges are blurred between casual and formal dressing. There are no longer any rules to limit these two categories from being combined and this is the essence of contemporary dressing“, explains Claire Campbell. HIGH is a brand with a strong identity, that will resist the vagaries of passing fashion. With its lightness of touch, HIGH is a new and original expression of contemporary casual chic.

HIGH‘s target market

1.Target customers: Modern and fashionable individuals who pursue after comfort and unique daily wear

2.Target age: 20-50

3.Style: Chic, high quality design, high quality and high utility